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Design Golang applications and/or services which form part of the video ecosystem.

We're looking for a Senior Go Engineer to join our in-house Engineering team in London!

Looking for a Go Engineer to join our in-house tech team in Central London!

We are looking for a Senior Go Developer who is ready to take part in creating global services like Billing

Within the "Multi robot" team, you will be in charge of contributing to the development of the fleet management software :

Civil Media Company

Civil Media Company is looking for a Software Engineer - Backend to join our team.

Our Golang Development is being brought back in house so there is now a need for 5 to 6 developers of various experince

Senior-level DevOps engineer with solid Go programming skills to work on microservices related to cloud infra automation.

Brooklyn, NY, USA - potentially remote

Manage team of Go developers for ZipRecruiter home office. 1100 employees, 900+ engineers. Great compensation. Beach location.

Lava is a startup focused on building a real-time marketing and decisioning platform. Looking for all skill levels.
Sacramento, CA, USA - partially remote

Looking for a Senior (Backend) Software Engineer to join our Payments team!

Openly Inc.

We’re hiring for a software engineer + Go-evangelist role.

Fully remote

We’re rapidly expanding our usage of Go across engineering; using it to build internal and external HTTP APIs

Building an insurance platform in Go, along with other tech such as Docker, Kubernetes, Kafka, CockroachDB and AWS/GCP.

London NW9 5AB, UK - potentially remote

Go | Kafka | Cassandra. We collect, process and store over 144 billion events every day.

Veganbase Ltd

Main developer for a publishing and marketplace platform for ethical/vegan companies

London, UK - fully remote

We are looking for a Go Software Engineer based London,UK with experience in microservices, kubernetes, and gRPC

Looking for Middle Go Developer in Moscow. Company: Platform for Webinar Experience: 1+ year

Add functionality to Factry Historian, written in Go, for data collection from industrial control systems.

Ghent, Belgium - partially remote
Herdius GmbH

We are looking for an experienced blockchain developer in part- or in full-time

Berlin, Germany - potentially remote
Ardent Blue Technologies

Help build a home and business automation product using Golang and IoT.

Fully remote

Full time position as back-end developer for a DHS Homeland Advanced Recognition Program contract.

Rewrite existing building blocks of our video streaming platform in Go.

You will join our Swiss based, international team of technologists who are inspired by writing clean, open source code.

Go-centric full stack development role with a slant towards back end.

We are building an Adserver that will receive more API requests that Google has searched per minute, focusing on ad redirection.


a Permanent Go Engineer role within a software vendor specializing in GDPR Blockhain Consent Management in Bordeaux(France)