Frequently asked questions


We love Go. But we noticed that it was pretty hard to find Go jobs. Not only because Go is so new and jobs are rare, but because it’s pretty hard to search for "Go" jobs on job boards!

We also wanted to build something that was useful for employers hiring Go people just as much as job seekers wanting to find jobs using Go.

Is it free to post a job?

For now, yes. If you think that this app has been useful and has helped you to fill your Go position, we'd be happy to accept contributions so feel free to contact us!

Disclaimer: we can’t promise that it will always be free. Someday (maybe in the near future) we may change the model so that it is not free to post a job ad.

Is it free to post my profile?

Yes. All you need for now is a Twitter account.

How do I post my profile?

To post your profile (which indicates that you’re looking for Go work) just tweet something like:

@welovegolang available. Awesome full-stack software engineer available now. #golang #nodejs #gae. Resume at:

We’ll take everything after @welovegolang available and use it as your profile summary.

How do I remove my profile?

Just tweet:

@welovegolang unavailable

We’ll make your profile unavailable.

How do I know if my job is suitable to post?

Most cases will be black and white. The position either requires Go skills or it doesn’t. If it doesn’t, best post it elsewhere.

Other cases may be murkier. For example, if you’re thinking about posting a job ad for a front-end developer, and you would prefer someone who can understand your backend Go web servers, then we'd love for you to post the ad. If your Go backend team and front-end team don’t really cross paths, it’s probably best to post the ad elsewhere as you’ll be preaching to the wrong crowd.

Note: we reserve the right to remove your job ad if we (or members of the community) deem that it does not really require Go skills. We will notify you if we do remove your job ad.

Another job board?

We’ve built this app because we see a need for a beautiful dedicated Go job board. Similar to StackOverflow Careers for all developer roles and We Work Remotely for all remote roles, We Love Go is for all Go roles. If we see that in fact there is not a need, you probably won’t be reading this as we won’t be around anymore!

I’m a recruiter. Can I post a job?

It depends. If your job ad is tasteful and transparent, go for it. If you think people will be annoyed (or if we sense that people are turned off) by the type of ad that you post, best leave it out.

Above all, if you genuinely have a Go position that you are trying to fill, we'd love for you to post it. Chances are you’ll probably fill it pretty quick.

Why do you advise against writing “Golang”, “Go Lang”, etc.?

Because the name of the programming language is Go, not Golang (or similar variations):

Go is an open source programming language that makes it easy to build simple, reliable, and efficient software.

This website was originally named We Love “Golang” because that was the only available name at the time (e.g. domain, Twitter screen name).

It is usually fine to use “golang” as metadata (e.g. #golang), but generally, please just use “Go”.

Also see this in the words of Rob Pike (one of the creators of Go).

Would you like to credit any one?

Yes! Thanks to Available for the inspiration to use Twitter to turn profiles on and off.

Thanks to We Work Remotely for the inspiration to take a niche and build a job board for it.

Thanks to the Go community for making this app possible in the first place.