Amsterdam, Netherlands

Application developers at Container Solutions write applications, typically using the microservice architecture. They do this in close conjunction with system engineers, with whom they form no-ops engineering teams. Application developers at Container Solutions write applications for drones, e-commerce, big data and data science as well as and forIoT devices.

Applicants should love developing and they’ve probably been doing it for a while already (using Golang preferably). They should have an affinity with the open source community. They must also like working in small iterations, working closely with our designers to bring ideas to life. Fans of Scrum need not apply.

Specifically, application developers at Container Solutions are expected to:

  • Write applications complete with automated unit and systems tests.
  • Fully automate their build systems.
  • Work with end-users to work out requirements.
  • Engage in rapid prototyping to verify or discard ideas and requirements.
  • Share their knowledge at conferences and within the company.

Does this job really require Go skills? If not, please report it and we will take a look.