Apeldoorn, Nederland

Solve complex problems as a Golang Developer in order to help millions of developers and rule at Foosball. Who doesn't want that?

Jexia is hiring a Golang Developer for the office in Apeldoorn (NL) that is ready to work on the next best thing in web development. So, what are we (and obviously you) working on? We are developing a versatile backend platform which developers can use to quickly build production grade web & mobile applications. This allows them not to worry about servers, maintainability and scalability. With many private beta users and a lot of positive feedback the future looks promising.

As a Golang Developer at Jexia you will lead the way in solving problems in high-performance, distributed computing and which developer doesn't love solving problems like these! Just imagine you will be solving problems for millions of developers. Doing this fits exactly in Jexia's principles which are giving, sharing and helping each other. We organize and host meetups and would love for our devs to be speakers at meetups and conferences. But having fun and pride in your work comes first!


What's it like to work as a Golang Developer at Jexia?

Jexia's HQ is situated in Apeldoorn (NL). The HQ is a roomy office with lots of open space and a lot of windows. It includes a lounge area, big desks, foosball table (YESSS), ping pong table (not sure if we rather have a pooltable), XBOX 360 (sorry if you like PS4) and a bar area. The tech team exists of very smart and sometimes wacky developers: 3 backend & frontend developers, 1 DevOps and 2 system engineers. Then we have the co-founders which are just truly great guys (and they didn't write this themselves) and last but not least the marketing team of three and an office manager (and we want 3 more devs by the end of April). We're trying to work fully agile and do daily standups. The entire team lunches together and the atmosphere is informal to say the least. Everybody gets in around 9:15 and works till when work is done. Regarding our international team we mostly communicate in English (or Greek if we feel like it..)

What we like:

- Bachelor's degree or above in Computer Science or prior engineering experience
- You have strong experience as a Golang Developer or fluency with a similar language (Java, C, C++, Server Side Javascript, PHP etc) plus some experience with Golang (Or DETERMINED to be awesome at it).
- You are familiar with network protocols: the lower layers like IP, TCP, and UDP; and the higher layers like HTTP
- Superb communication skills are required. You must be able to explain things both to business and technical audiences.
- Be decent in Foosball or want to learn it 😉

What we like even more:

- Jexia loves open source! If you contribute we love you <3
- You're familiar with current API standards
- Experience with common web stack components like NGINX
- You've built APIs or SDKs that other engineers love using

What will it get you:

- Complex problems to solve
- Work as a Golang Developer with Google's Go (woohoo!)
- Build an amazing platform that will help fellow Developers
- Decent salary based on your skills and experience
- Help with moving to the Netherlands (provide all papers, help with looking for a place etc.)
- The chance to be an evangelist in Jexia's field of business
- Nice informal atmosphere where there's lots to do. We appreciate it if you think about improving the platform.

How to apply

So! Don't be a fool and contact marvin at now. Skype, Whatsapp, Linkedin are also possible.

Does this job really require Go skills? If not, please report it and we will take a look.