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Hatched in 2016, the Treep is a committed cleantech startup.

the Treep is the startup that enables companies to act for the climate and simplify their mobility. It’s an eco-responsible BtoB digital reservation service called Mobility Planner, allowing you to compare, combine and book trains, flights, taxis, metro, hotels around the world. The carbon footprint becomes an important criterion for choosing your route and communicating about the company's CO2 reductions.

We are based at the GoodPlanet Foundation in Paris XVI in a green setting of 3.6 ha. and we are also followers of Slack work (teleworking which does not waste time unnecessarily in transport in short)

Proposed position:


We are looking for a Go developer with a solid understanding of the paradigm and idioms of language and knowing how to make the best use of syntax to produce simple and efficient code.

Your main objective will be to participate in the enrichment of our API and to integrate various third-party APIs from various activity sectors (transport, ecology, etc.).

You will ensure that these packages are well documented and have reasonable test coverage. You will work closely with two other Go developers.

A commitment to collaborative problem solving, sophisticated design and a quality product is essential.


Scalable, robust, testable, efficient and easily maintainable code writing

Translate software requirements into stable, high performance functionality

Ensure constant follow-up of team and customer feedback

Document the developed webservices in swagger format

Respect and implementation of best practices


Engineer or equivalent training

Significant experience in back end development

Significant experience in web service development

Significant experience in API integration

In-depth knowledge of the Go programming language, syntax, paradigm and idioms

Mastery of standard lib Go

Knowledge of OTA is a plus

Knowledge of Scrum or other appreciable Agile methodology

Technical challenges:

- Development and enrichment of a multi-modal, multi-constraint route search algorithm

- Integration of many third-party APIs with different responsibilities, reliability, response times and costs

- Choice of the right technologies to provide the best service reliability and the lowest possible response times

- Proposal and development from scratch of innovative solutions responding to the issues raised by our customers

How to apply

Send resume and cover letter to

Does this job really require Go skills? If not, please let us know so that we can keep the jobs all about Go.