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New York, NY, USA

As a Backend Engineer, you will focus on the technologies and systems that are the foundation of our entire business. This means serving, processing, and analyzing a high volume of requests, and guaranteeing the correctness of the results. Your work will have real impact, not only to everyone at the company, but to millions of real people our partners count as customers at all corners of the world.

We're a "right tool for the job" shop, and in the past two years, that tool has rapidly become Go: We've successfully shifted the majority of our services to Go, and everyone who has tried it has developed a love for the language in the process (most of us started from zero).

Along the way, we've built and opensourced new tools in Go, and taken the opportunity to shift to a monorepo where it's easier for us to evolve our "standard library" of shared code. This means that if you're a new gopher, we're ready to help teach you; and if you're an expert, we're very excited to learn from you.

We should talk about the role itself outside of Go. Generally, you'll be building public-facing APIs, internal data services, and/or operational tools. One of our team values is, "We are all teachers and we are all students", meaning we seek folks with all different types of backgrounds and perspectives. Having said this, to be successful in this role, you'll probably need to have worked in or close to a production environment (e.g. AWS) before.

Lastly, we hope you're interested in one of the most important things you can contribute to and build here: A positive and empathetic technical team culture. 

Appendix: Technologies & practices we're built on

  • AWS: We're heavy users of Docker, ECS, and RDS, and we measure nearly everything with Prometheus. Though we bias towards "boring" tech, we know when it's time to spend an innovation token or three (we're dabbling with Kubernetes, for example).
  • Up-front code review & technical design: We have a strong culture of thoughtful peer review. There are no sacred cows; if you see something you think can be better, an RFC is never frowned upon.
  • Chatops and fast, zero-downtime deploys: We've been doing chatops for years; it's a great way to see what everyone else is up to.
  • Service-oriented environment: We believe in separating roles into discrete services when the shape of the role, load, or failure domain calls for it. It also means branch conflicts are rare.

How to apply

Tell us a little about yourself! Shoot a quick note to - Ideally, include an up-to-date resume, but if not, tell us why you're interested. Sorry, direct applicants *only* - we will not work with agencies.

Does this job really require Go skills? If not, please let us know so that we can keep the jobs all about Go.