🌎 Paris, France - fully remote
65000 90000 YEAR EUR
💰 EUR 65K - 90K / year

Software Engineers at Qonto craft polished user experiences, highly scalable API's and robust banking services, all to help create the finance solution all businesses love.

The backend engineering team at Qonto currently has over 60 highly skilled engineers, from all over the world, working closely in cross-functional teams to shape our finance solutions. They participate in the discussions on the direction of our banking product, manage how we will handle our ever-growing user base needs, and deliver high-quality products in a fast-paced environment.

👩‍💻🧑‍💻 As a Backend Engineer at Qonto, you will

• Design, develop and maintain our API's for maximum resilience, scalability, robustness, and security

• Build new applications and services to support our API's and internal tools to help us move faster with confidence and quality

• Play an active role in the architecture at Qonto to better support our growing user base and scaling needs

• Maintain our high level of quality through strong testing methodologies, documentation, pairing, and learning

• Help scale our backend codebase while maintaining our strong engineering culture,

• Share your knowledge and learnings through internal and external talks and participate in the development of open-source tools

Our primary languages are Golang and Ruby on the backend, EmberJS on the frontend, and Kotlin and Swift for our Mobile applications. Our platform runs on a Kubernetes cluster hosted on AWS, with PostgreSQL as our database of choice, using Kafka for our event-driven architecture and ELK for logging and auditing, among many other tools, services, and applications.

However, not mastering our stack is not an issue at all! A lot of Qontoers have learned Go and/or Ruby since they joined us. 

As long as you are willing to learn, it doesn't matter if you've been using Python, Java or NodeJS.

🧠 What you could work on

As part of our Engineering department, you will work within one of our cross-functional teams, each team handling a part of our product. A few examples of these teams are:

 ðŸ’³ Cards: the team responsible for building all the functionalities around Qonto credit cards. For example, the cards order flow, the cards settings screens, the insurance page.

 âœˆï¸ Onboarding: the team guiding users through a delightful and frictionless sign-up experience.

 ðŸ’¶ Spend Management: the team building seamless workflows for employees to make payments and for finance teams to manage expenses.

 ðŸ“Š Dashboard: let clients monitor their relevant financial activities.

 ðŸ§® Bookkeeping: Provide a Bookkeeping solution that saves our clients time while ensuring control over their accounting requirements (e.g. receipts, vat, accounting records).

💹 Pricing: Provide transparent price plans and information on billing and consumption.

🌎 Transfers: Pay and be paid by checks, SWIFT, SEPA transfers as fast as possible by anyone at a fair price.

🤔 What you can expect

• Work in a multicultural fast-paced environment with a strong focus on quality

• Build robust products and improve features used by 220K+ clients across Europe

• Have a strong impact on business decisions as part of a Cross-Functional Team (our Back End engineers work commonly with other departments on a topic in order to provide the best solution in terms of efficiency and productivity).

• Keep learning and improving: a various range of training, peer programming sessions with our Experts, possibility to learn a new programming language (Ruby, GO...)

• Share knowledge among the whole tech and product team (internal and external talk, weekly meetings, Tech Monthly) and the community (articles, meetups)

🏅About You

• Experience: You have strong experience as a software engineer and have had exposure to architectural patterns of large, high-scale web applications. Plus, you have strong knowledge and experience in Go, Ruby or similar languages and are willing to learn Ruby and Go

• Problem solver: You are a pragmatic and solution-oriented engineer who is interested in hard problems and delivering value

• Impact Maker: You want to help build an innovative product used by tens of thousands of users and leave your mark

• Best Practices: You are an organized worker who follows best practices regarding code quality, testing and code reviews

• Curiosity: You are a curious and open-minded developer who is eager to learn a new language, banking domain and introduce new tools and services where it can help us grow

• Team player: You have good communication skills, are comfortable working in a team and can easily work with non-technical colleagues

• Languages: You are fluent in English. 

Does this job really require Go skills? If not, please report it and we will take a look.