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Austin, TX, USA

Job Summary

Like google docs-but for code. The tools you love (like VSCode) server-powered. Our next step is to bring the dynamically scalable resources, pre-installed language support, seamless mobility, and collaboration established in Alpha to the IDEs you already know and love through local integrations and enterprise solutions. Our mission is to make software development easier, faster, and more available.

As a Go Engineer you will build high-performance servers, GRPC services, and work with distributed technologies, Linux containerization, and open-source software.

What You’d Do

  • Build high performance servers
  • Build HTTP services
  • Build Linux containerization tangential software
  • Building distributed systems and data
  • Contributing to our open source dependencies

Required Qualifications

  • A strong understanding of Go, C, or C++.
  • A good understanding of Linux.

Preferred Qualifications

  • A strong understanding of Google Cloud
  • Experience building highly available services
  • Experience with GRPC
  • Experience with microservice architecture
  • GitHub, BitBucket, or other code sharing profiles

Technologies you will be working with

  • Google Cloud
  • Go
  • Linux containerization
  • Service-oriented architecture
  • SQL
  • BigTable

Information we’d like to see

  • Resume
  • GitHub

Notable Benefits

  • 23 days PTO
  • Free Daily Restaurant Catered Lunch
  • Flexible Start Time 9am-10am
  • Health, Dental, Life, Disability, Vision
  • Enthusiast Level Workstations

Relocation to Austin:

Interested in relocating to Austin, Texas as part of our team? We offer comprehensive relocation packages for the right candidates, including a corporate apartment and covered moving expenses.

Already in Austin:

Even better :)

Working At Coder

We know team members perform their best when they feel they can contribute at a high level. At Coder, team members work on cutting-edge tech while having a direct impact on the product. This dynamic requires team members to be self-driven and detail oriented. At Coder, you can join others who are just as passionate about programming as you are.

(to speak with a team member send your resume to

As a company, we celebrate an inclusive, social, and creative environment. Cover your desk with your quirky collectibles (just leave room for your company provided enthusiast level setup), hop on one of the skateboards to the fully stocked snacks, wear what you want, and be who you are. Join coworkers rockclimbing with the included gym membership, bond at a company dinner, play darts or ping-pong in the breakroom, or just enjoy a chat over daily catered lunch.

(get a feel for us on our Instagram @CoderHQ)

Here, what we value above all else is kindness, integrity, hard work, and good code.

Job Type: Full-time

Salary: $70,000 to $140,000 /year


23 Paid Vacation Days

Free Restaurant Delivered Lunch

Snacks & Drinks

Company Laptop + Enthusiast Level Workstations

Health, Vision, Dental, Disability, Life

Paternity Maternity Leave

Come in as late as 10am

Modern Tech Stack

Full of Sunny Natural Light

Does this job really require Go skills? If not, please let us know so that we can keep the jobs all about Go.