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We’re looking for someone to join our Platform Engineering team at Ferrum. Are you interested in building services to help hospitals detect and eliminate the millions of medical errors that occur every year? If so, read on.

About You

You have experience solving challenges with microservices and scaling systems securely.​ You are comfortable building robust applications with Go or similar languages, Docker, gRPC, and more in complex systems. Your significant experience interacting with and developing APIs provides a framework for creating both internal and external facing endpoints. You confidently work in Linux environments.

You love efficiency and automation.​ Your work at Ferrum will have a huge impact on the business. You understand that automation and infrastructure pays dividends. You take pride in creating tools to help the team perform at a high level and scale to new challenges.

You communicate and document everything. ​At Ferrum, we are a distributed remote team. A culture of sharing and documentation allows everyone to seamlessly work together. Further, for FDA and other healthcare regulatory approvals our documentation of development, testing, and validation must be airtight.

You take ownership of a project from ideation to delivery and maintenance. ​Your experience provides a framework for you to work independently on multiple initiatives as both the end-to-end owner and as a component contributor to features. You take pride in creating services that are easy to debug and maintain to quickly squash any bugs that are discovered.

You want to make a positive and lasting impact on the world.​ You understand that technology has the power to improve people’s lives and enrich our society. You see the inequality in your own community and around the world and you look to change it.

What You Will Do

Ferrum is a distributed, fast-growing company so you will be wearing many hats and pitch in on different components and projects across the organization. That said, here are some examples of what you’ll do:

● Scale up the platform and integrations between machine learning algorithms and the pipeline

● Design and build the APIs interfacing the data pipeline and machine learning services

● Building security tools to protect sensitive patient data throughout the data pipeline

● Optimize bare-metal appliances to meet the high performance needs of the application

● Provision infrastructure for the secure services coordinating on-premise and cloud-hosted services

How to apply

Send resume and cover letter to

Does this job really require Go skills? If not, please let us know so that we can keep the jobs all about Go.