San Francisco, CA, USA

Restless Bandit is a well-funded San Francisco startup focused on helping companies identify and retain the best people in the exploding "war-for-talent" space. This is an exciting, near ground floor opportunity with a group of people with extensive experience in HR tech. Our founders were executives at Bright, an HR tech company acquired last year by LinkedIn for $130M and our data scientists and engineers come from Bright, LinkedIn, and Google, and have extensive experience applying big-data methods to the hiring domain.

As a Backend Software Engineer, you will collaborate with product managers,data scientists, and the engineering team to develop and maintain the services that power Restless Bandit.You will play an integral part in deployment processes, infrastructure and schema design, and service metrics aggregation and analysis. You will design and implement systems which are clean, secure, well-reasoned, well-documented, and well-tested. You will follow best practices in all aspects of your work, and advocate for process and technological improvements wherever possible. Your contributions will directly impact customers, our team, and our business.


We work hard, but at the same time we have a laid-back, fun work environment. Some of the values that are important to us are:

- Helpfulness: we appreciate receiving help as well as giving it, and learning from each other as well as sharing knowledge and opinions.

- Professionalism: we trust each other and assume independence and autonomy along with responsibility.

- Curiosity: we’re interested in new ideas and alternative viewpoints; we prefer having our minds’ changed by a discussion to ‘winning’ a debate.

- Relaxedness: we believe that consistent unhurried problem-solving produces better solutions than frantic ‘fire drills.’

- Fun: we're thick as thieves. We have lunch together every day, host regular (and spontaneous) happy hours, and participate in professional meet-ups.

An ideal candidate has:

- 3+ years experience writing production back-end applications

- 2+ years experience with a compiled language (Go, C, C++, Java)

- 2+ years experience writing and maintaining RESTful APIs

- 2+ years experience writing effective unit tests against production code

- 6+ months experience writing Go applications

- strong opinions about programming best practices coupled with flexibility in the face of cogent opposing opinions

- ability to communicate effectively with technical and non-technical teammates

How to apply

Send resume, open source profile (git, bitbucket), and a brief description of who you are & why you'd like to work with us to

Does this job really require Go skills? If not, please report it and we will take a look.