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London, UK

We are looking for talented backend software engineers with the right to work in the UK to join our Western hemisphere technical team based in central London. The role allows for occasional working from home but we are principally looking for somebody willing to live and work in London.

Our goal is creating new platforms exposing RESTful services to the IoE/M2M industry, capitalizing on our experience and digital real estate from the SSL and PKI spaces. We have already built a game changing system and are now looking at augmenting it both performance and feature-wise.

On a day to day basis you will be creating new high performance platforms for both internal and external use exposed in a RESTful fashion and backed by large SQL and NoSQL data stores. Part of this will include prototyping new technologies, interacting with PKI/crypto hardware, and shaving off microseconds wherever possible.

We would love to have a chat if any of the following apply:

  • You write clean, concise, self-documenting code that both you and your team can still understand a year after. You care about naming. You do not repeat yourself. You do not believe that more code represents the solution to a problem. You test everything.

  • You already master a few programming languages, or easily find your way around a new one. Our stack is mostly Go, but when there are better tools implemented in different languages, we do not hesitate to use and improve them.
  • You have a high performance systems background - content delivery, trading, networking, e-commerce, ticketing, etc. Everything we build has hard performance requirements. Relying entirely on the language/framework for optimisation is a luxury we do not have.

  • You have a good grasp of operating systems, knowing how to directly use (or misuse) the scheduling, network and storage facilities.

  • You think in patterns. Synchronous/asynchronous. Multithreaded/event driven. Latency/bandwidth. You take these into consideration before laying down any code.

  • You are familiar with the latest technologies and use them judiciously. Software advancements have made things that were impossible ten years ago possible, but no single piece of technology has been a silver bullet. You can tell which of the modern tools in your belt work for the task at hand and which do not.

  • You know what you do not know and you are as comfortable asking for help as you are offering it. We advocate mutual knowledge sharing. Nobody knows everything.

  • You know when to work hard and when to kick back. Development effort is not evenly distributed. Sometimes you might have to put in some unplanned extra hours, sometimes you go on a team night out before the clock hits six.

  • You are an inquisitive perfectionist. You like to know how things work and constantly try to improve them.

How to apply

Send your CV to

Does this job really require Go skills? If not, please let us know so that we can keep the jobs all about Go.