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Building an industrial scale platform for translating scientific, agronomic, and commercial data into services that operate the heart of the AgTech-product-pipeline. This opportunity would have you engineering and designing the foundational layer of this Ag-data platform infrastructure.

Enormous need and potential here to do something that has never been done before. Transforming these complex scientific datasets into innovative software that is deployed across the pipeline, accelerating the pace and quality of all crop system development decisions to unbelievable levels.

Centered on developing agricultural solutions for a sustainable future that will include a global population projected to eclipse 9.6 billion by 2050. This platform enables the scientists improving our food supply to focus on their work and not the daunting challenges of wrangling such large and varied datasets collected throughout all seasons, from genomics, to phenotype observations, labs across the world, or IoT devices in the fields.

30K ft. <> Platform Overview
Comprehensive Genotyping Services running in GCP + Golang. This CGS ingestion pipeline was created to automate the ongoing extraction of genotype data from legacy systems, augment the data and serve via a REST API. Utilizing a Kafka client listening to the change event topic published from legacy, new genotype data is processed in minutes - keeping CGS up to date in near real time. This provides more than 12 billion marker calls @ your fingertips.

If you share our values, you should have:
• Experience with distributed systems and database fundamentals
• Experience building and operating fault-tolerant, distributed, cloud-based systems
• Experience designing, building, and operating Big Data, stream processing, and/or enterprise data integration solutions
• Experience with container technologies (Docker preferred), service orchestration and microservices architectures
• Solid understanding of operations tasks such as monitoring and logging
• Moderate experience with the Go programming language

Bonus points for:
• Experience with protocol buffers and gRPC
• Experience with: Google Cloud Platform, Apache Beam and or Google Cloud Dataflow, Google Kubernetes Engine or Kubernetes
• Experience working with scientific datasets, or a background in the application of quantitative science to business problems
• Bioinformatics experience, especially large scale storage and data mining of variant data, variant annotation, and genotype to phenotype correlation

How to apply

Send your resume directly --> Call me anytime (978) 604-0536 Thank you for checking this out!

Does this job really require Go skills? If not, please report it and we will take a look.