New York, NY, USA

Bitly is seeking mid-level and senior Data Engineers to help take the awesome prototypes created by our science team and turn them into full scale production systems.

Does machine learning, natural language processing, and statistical modelling make you excited? Are you up to the challenge of building scalable, robust, distributed systems? Do you see an opportunity in building tools to help people understand the world around them? Then bitly might be the right place for you.

As a Data Engineer at bitly you will:

  • Work with our science team to take the prototypes and algorithms that they’ve developed and build them into robust, scalable, production systems.
  • Help translate systems that work for a handful of users and a sample of data into systems that can handle millions of users and billions of data points.
  • Create and manage APIs that provide easy, understandable, and reliable access to complex and abstract systems.
  • Work with people throughout the company to understand the goals, needs, and priorities of systems and turn that understanding into a specific plan of attack.
  • Design and build large scale, distributed, highly available, well tested, and easily managed services.
  • Use a variety of tools and languages including Python, Go, Redis, Hadoop, MySQL, Riak, and more.

An ideal candidate for this role:

  • Has at least a basic familiarity with the algorithms, tools, and approaches involved in machine learning, natural language processing, and statistical modelling.
  • Has a solid background in writing understandable, testable, and efficient code.
  • Has a good understanding of how to design robust and scalable services.
  • Is able to identify and communicate the maintainability, development time, operational cost, and user experience trade-offs of different approaches and solutions.
  • Has experience with and opinions about automated testing.
  • Is able to take initiative in addressing issues or seeking support from fellow team members.
  • Has experience working with version control systems (preferably distributed VCS like Git)
  • Has a bachelors in computer science or equivalent experience.

Does this job really require Go skills? If not, please report it and we will take a look.