New York, NY, USA


Eave is looking for founding engineers to fix the mortgage industry.

Our Promise to You

Your potential to help achieve our mission is the only thing that matters, not pre-defined academic or employer stereotypes.

You will succeed at Eave if you:

> Are constantly curious

> Prefer rapid iteration

> Never settle for the status quo

> Enjoy helping others succeed

> Embrace change

If you’re interested, please email with links to the best places to learn about you as a person and an engineer (i.e. GitHub, LinkedIn, résumé, blog).

We will respond within 48 hours. We will be respectful of your time.

What is Eave?

Eave is rebuilding the $1 Trillion+ mortgage industry from first principles.

We use core insights into how to rebuild the industry based upon years of experience surgically attacking the root issues in lending.

Eave eliminates 75% of the complexity of the mortgage origination, underwriting, and securitization processes.

This reduces borrowers’ effort and frustration by 95%, and improves unit economics by > 10x.

Our Mission

Eave’s mission is to provide home buyers a truly delightful, confident, trustful experience that eliminates months of stress and saves people thousands of dollars. A home buyer using Eave can get pre-approved in 15 mins based on 5 points of data, all provided on mobile.

Eave’s rebuilding of the mortgage industry eliminates the dozens of ways in which the industry surprises borrowers at the last minute and destroys their home buying aspirations.

For every mortgage that Eave provides, Eave builds a home for a family in need in India. Your work will ultimately help millions of families dramatically improve their lives, here in the US & abroad.

Our Investors

Eave is well-funded and backed by successful fintech entrepreneurs, engineers, bank owners, and investors from institutions like Stripe, Square, Google, top VCs & hedge funds.

They’ve looked at the high-quality teams attempting to fix the mortgage industry and chosen Eave.


  • Overturning archaic orthodoxies in the largest area of our economy
  • Building a machine process so that individuals are rapidly, scalably underwritten to their true creditworthiness without human intervention
  • Solving emotional pain points for millions, which will save extraordinary amounts of time & money
  • Fixing real-world problems elegantly vs with the most technologically advanced solution
  • Clear communication & collaboration w/ engineering & operations to eliminate error & wasted dev cycles
  • Using your experience building companies from pre-product to fast growth to fix mortgages


  • Statically-typed languages or languages designed for data processing and rules engines
  • Bias towards open-source tools vs. bespoke in-house builds
  • Experience working with domain experts to understand problems, develop business requirements, and turn requirements into functional, maintainable, well-tested software.
  • Bonus points: Strong experience with data governance and auditable processing workflows

How to apply

Interested or have any questions? We would love to hear from you -

Does this job really require Go skills? If not, please report it and we will take a look.