🌎 Canada - fully remote
160000 175000 YEAR CAD
💰 CAD 160K - 175K / year

MaxMind ( is looking for a talented and highly motivated person to help us improve our minFraud risk score. minFraud is used to screen over 2 billion online transactions a year, the majority of those being e-commerce.

This is a full time remote position, and we welcome candidates to apply from anywhere in Canada. You must be eligible/authorized to work in Canada.

The Position Overview

Our risk scoring is based on heuristics and machine learning. Your role would be to improve the heuristics as well as feature engineering for machine learning. There are also opportunities to improve the tools that support these processes.

Our fraud analyst team reviews fraud and not fraud reports from customers and suggests improvements. Your role is to test and implement those ideas. Potential changes are back-tested against overall fraud and not-fraud reports from customers. This work is meaningful since even a small improvement can help customers reduce fraud significantly given our scale.

This position is ideal for a software engineer with an interest or background in analytics or science. The role involves hypothesis generation, testing, and involves many challenges that are similar to nature to those in science.

Our salary range for our Software Engineering roles begins at $160k CAD, with the specific offer depending upon skills and experience. See more about benefits and compensation below.

Minimum Qualifications:

  • Programming experience, at least intermediate level (an analytical programming exercise will be given to all applicants)
  • Ability to write clear and concise code, both for analysis and for production deployment
  • Interested in learning Go and Perl
  • Background with analytics, statistics, science, or fraud detection


  • SQL experience
  • Experience with git, Linux/Unix and command line tools

Our Development Practices

Our backend code is largely written in Go and Perl using PostgreSQL and Linux. We maintain high standards for our development practices. New backend code is expected to be written in Go, include automated tests run by TeamCity, and go through internal code review on GitHub Enterprise. The existing Perl code is being rewritten in Go.

We use free software as much as possible, and we release code back to the community when we can do so. We're always improving the way we do development, and we expect you to participate in that process.

Working at MaxMind

In a recent survey, employees listed having a supportive work culture, good co-workers, autonomy, and feeling trusted, valued, and respected as some of the things they like most about working here.

MaxMind has a social mission. MaxMind donates over 60% of profits to charities. 

MaxMind’s compensation strives to reward getting stuff done, quality of work, and working well with others.

Our culture is very important to us. We’re friendly, collaborative, and work-focused. We don’t like office politics and unnecessary stress. We like to have productive workdays and don’t like work to chase us when we’re done for the day. We maintain a set of core, overlapping hours, but are flexible with specific start and end times and are understanding about appointments and life events. We care about helping each other succeed.

We are a fully remote company so communication centers around video chat, group chat, and Agile planning tools. 


In addition to competitive compensation, our Canadian benefits include medical, dental, vision, life, accidental death and dismemberment, critical Illness, short and long term disability insurance, Employee and Family Assistance Program, and paid parental leave. You also have access to a group Retirement Savings Plan. In lieu of a Canadian RRSP contribution we provide a bonus payout at the end of each year that employees may decide to use toward retirement savings.

Everyone participates in a company performance-based bonus plan. MaxMind offers a $2,000 USD professional development budget and five days for professional development annually. 

Diversity and Inclusion

We're committed to diversity and inclusion and are mindful of incorporating them into all aspects of our company. 

We encourage and sincerely welcome applications from candidates of color, women, queer candidates, candidates with family caregiving responsibilities, transgender candidates, and from other communities not well represented in the tech world.

See our complete diversity and inclusion statement - 

Our Interview Process

One of the first steps in our interviewing process is a homework assignment, and we will ask you for a submission so we can gain insight into your work. The next step of our interview process would be a pairing session combined with a first round interview with our Fraud Detection Analytics Engineer. This interview will cover questions specific to the role. Next there would be a second round interview with members of our Machine Learning team. Finally, there would be a third round interview with our hiring manager / CEO. That interview would be a more general / behavioral interview. The final step of our hiring process is reference checking.

We want to know about you, please share any projects or accomplishments and include a link so we can learn more.

Does this job really require Go skills? If not, please report it and we will take a look.