London, UK

Improbable is an ambitious, progressive technology company who are developing an operating system that makes building simulated worlds possible. Our product (called SpatialOS) can solve significant problems in areas as diverse as gaming, defence, energy, city efficiency, health, and finance.

We are heavily funded by Andreessen Horowitz, as well a carefully selected group of experienced entrepreneurs and investors. In three years, we have grown to more than a hundred people and continue to expand aggressively as we prepare for a pivotal, ambitious year ahead that will see us release SpatialOS to the public.


You will be primarily responsible for enabling the use of our unique technology through the creation of rich, highly interactive, complex web applications that will be used to grow simulated worlds. In addition, you will be building a complementary ecosystem of tooling around our core technology in conjunction with teams across the business. You can expect to work on a number of currently secret projects in this varied, multifaceted role, but will summarily be expected to:

Build single-page WebApps using ES6, React & Redux as well as the backend services that power them which are written in Go.

Autonomously take projects from vague design specs/prototypes to fully featured, production-ready web applications that will be used by a wide range of users

Develop a world class, web based platform as well as specialised tooling, to help users understand and grow simulations that can contain billions of complex entities

Enable users to manipulate persistent, simulated worlds in a real time environment

Create a set of foundation features that will act as the basis of an interactive community offering feedback, iteration and sharing ideas


  • Experience writing backend services in GoLang
  • Experience writing single page WebApps in Javascript
  • Experience working succesfully with Product teams and gathering requirements
  • Able to work in cross-functional teams and iterate with different employees
  • Interest in distributed cloud-based systems and associated technologies (Go, GRPC, Apache Thrift, Docker etc)

Does this job really require Go skills? If not, please report it and we will take a look.