Berlin, Deutschland

Our backend team develops the software required to process multiple petabytes of data every month in real time, handling complex attribution algorithms, communicating with hundreds of millions of mobile devices worldwide and exposing real-time APIs to clients and our dashboard app. Over the last three years, we’ve built our own stack in Go from scratch, creating our own infrastructure in our data center. As our client base scales exponentially, we’ll need more help defining and building out core requirements as the underlying platforms change and our product’s capabilities increase.

We are looking for someone who is willing to dig into our backend, understand quickly the way our data is flowing and the business logic behind it. On a daily basis you will deploy your own work and be responsible that it works, because uptime is a priority. This means to keep the code not only “clean”, but also fast and efficient, since we're constantly handling 100k requests per second. You will investigate issues and track down their source in our codebase. You will also review code of your peers to avoid bugs and to make sure that the code meets our standards, as well as instrument code with metrics and logs so we can watch and monitor behavior.

You will work closely with other teams such as product, SDK, database, dashboard, fraud, and in particular help the integration team get the information they need to set up new APIs. Moreover, we want you to participate in the discussions about new features and to come up with solutions how to solve new use cases, taking into account technical challenges and end to end considerations. This will require you to understand how backend services interact with the entire system, what other services and third parties it interacts with and how. In addition, we expect you to identify where we might want to refactor code to allow certain new features, to make it more manageable or improve the performance.

Don’t have a clue about the business value of our product? We will make sure you get the necessary input during the onboarding to understand our product from a client’s perspective as well as how our current and future features are useful to them, and how our technologies & architecture work.

Does this job really require Go skills? If not, please report it and we will take a look.