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Utility Warehouse
London, UK - partially remote

Utility Warehouse are in the midst of an Enterprise Transformation with every team working on Greenfield projects. We’re moving to Go, Event Driven Architecture with Domain Driven Design and building a bespoke Platform SDK to provide consistent UI, stand up services and do heavy lifting for Product teams so they can concentrate on solving business problems. This is a huge multi year project underway and we’re committed to utilising the latest technology and approaches.

What is unique about us is that we’re all in one building, a side from our partner network of 45,000 we have 1,000 staff in our Colindale headquarters so Engineers interact directly with the users of their work seeing the impact. We are making the business simpler through technology and want to use the backend platform to drive growth whilst keeping a consistent UI/UX.

Culture plays a big part of life at the pig, with all departments together you get to meet everyone that has grown the business to be recognised as UK’s most trusted Energy Supplier. We want teams that are flexible and can move freely between projects dependent on demand or interests. We recognise the need to offer a modern working environment with remote options where possible to attract and more importantly retain top engineering talent.

We are currently hiring for a number of Engineers across the team and our stack consist of JavaScript, GoLang, GraphQL, Kubernetes, Docker, Kaftka, AWS. It is key that new hires are comfortable working independently in a non prescriptive environment whilst also playing their role in the team. Fresh ideas are encouraged and staying abreast of developments in your field is expected. If it is the right tool for the job then we will introduce it.

Commercial experience of Go is not a prerequisite nor is years of experience, as far as we are concerned we will pay you what your ability is worth not just how many years you have on your CV, we really want to create something remarkable and with the right engineering team in place to help us drive forward Utility Warehouse.

If you would like to see more roles available then our careers page is available here;

How to apply

Apply via greenhouse or email a copy of your CV to

Does this job really require Go skills? If not, please let us know so that we can keep the jobs all about Go.