Silicon Valley, CA, USA - fully remote


Cyza is a disruptive modern mobile & web-based marketplace & saas platform focused on on-demand

ecommerce services! The platform is built on solid design and modern technologies. We are developing and

soon launching an omnichannel web-based and mobile app software solution that enables businesses to be

present in our online marketplace while using the same technology and other software tools to sell in their

stores. Cyza is part software as a service (like Shopify) and part marketplace (like Amazon), dedicated to the

transformation of commerce into e-commerce.

About our platform’s technology stack and scope:

Back-end is developed in Golang REST API, and front-end

consists of: Go Templates, ES 6+, Webpack, SASS, and HTML5 technologies. We use Go templates to render

html and therefore as a backend engineer, you will also be involved with programming the rendering aspect and

not solely the API. We do NOT commit to or use any frameworks (such Angular, React, etc.), and only use

advanced and simple libraries if needed. Our application is super fast, we try to utilize Go anywhere we can and

our application is perhaps more hybrid between server-rendered and client-rendered where needed. This is a

large platform and will grow a lot more. Maintaining a great architecture, simplicity, and employing best coding

practices is a top priority, therefore, you must be a long-term thinker when coding --please see skills and



(1) Be passionate about Go and have solid experiences in an object oriented programming language

(2) Strong knowledge and experience in JavaScript

(3) Love to code and be a team player in a fast-paced development environment

(4) Be able to work and learn independently and be a problem solver

(5) Be able to work with existing code and architecture and maybe have some experience of working in larger


(6) Employ skilled, efficient, and optimized coding practices and be a long-term thinker

How to apply

We look forward to learning about you and your knowledge. Please apply by emailing to and briefly include the following: (1) Basic resume (nothing fancy needed) that describes your current and past jobs including any major freelance work and education or training; (2) Mention where are you from (city and country of residence); (3) Mention that you found this job posting on

Does this job really require Go skills? If not, please report it and we will take a look.