Sunnyvale, CA, USA


We are seeking an Go Language application developer well versed in full-stack development technologies including front end web technologies. The selected candidate will design and develop scalable, interactive Web applications.

- Demonstrate expertise in building strong backend applications using Go (golang) and frontend UIs using various web technologies (JavaScript, HTML, CSS, HTTP)

- Go (golang) is preferred, but development experience with C is also acceptable

- Candidate must have the ability to create an entire web application that will scale and perform under load.

- Work on design and develop REST APIs, demonstrate strong opinion on what constitute a good API.

- Experience building engaging and high quality, responsive web solution.

- Demonstrate familiarity with server-side web technologies.

- Demonstrate experience with high volume, long-life projects, balancing feature velocity, long-term maintenance costs, and operations effort

- Solid grasp of good object-oriented, asynchronous and other advanced programming concepts

Job Requirements:

- 5+ years building building complex and scalable Web applications

- Strong grasp of Go (golang) and/or C programming

- Experience with Agile/Scrum, Iterative/Incremental Development, and continuous Integration.

- Experience or solid understanding of: Chrome Developer Tools, SASS, RequireJS/Browserify/AMD/CommonJS/UMD, Linting, HTML templating.

- Solid verbal and written communication skills.

- Strong technical and analytical skills

Preferred Qualifications:

- Demonstrated expertise with Web development

- Demonstrated ability to work in a high performance, distributed team environment (using video chat, phone, e-mail and IM)

- Have a passion for delivering high performing, well architected software that is maintainable and highly scalable.

- Experience with responsive web designs for mobile platforms

- Experience with Front End JavaScript Frameworks with focus on Angular or Polymer

Required Skills: - Go Language (golang) or C programming experience

- HTML, CSS (Bootstrap), Javascript

- Web Services (XML, JSON, REST, etc)

*9 Month Contract

How to apply

Send Resume to

Does this job really require Go skills? If not, please report it and we will take a look.