Nevo Advanced Technologies
Bucharest, Romania - fully remote


· Implement new functionalities;

·Test the code before submitting;

·Code review for peers;

· Debugging;


·Be up to date with new information in the industry;

Technical Knowledge Mandatory

● Solid understanding of networking principles covering: TCP/IP, proxy, VPN, HTTP/S &

● Socks 4/5;

● Multithread processing;

● Multi-client / multi-connection data management;

● Load balancing desired in Redis;

● Sockets programming both at client/server levels (yes understanding how to manage

● connections);

● Microservices good understanding;

● Debugging of own code but also others code;

● Testing development (unit testing, integration testing, contract testing);

● Writing documentation of the work done;

● Source code versioning/repository: git & github;

● Infrastructure level management;

● Scripting;

Nice to have

● Experience in containers usage;

● Nginx server experience;

● Creation and maintaining SDKs;

● Working in a CI/CD environment;

● Blockchain experience and understanding;

● Experience (at least reading level) in C++ and/or Java

Does this job really require Go skills? If not, please report it and we will take a look.