Work from home - fully remote

Job Responsibilities:

• Participate in the development of Microservices, API, and backend services.

• Take part in the design, development, and testing of various products.

• Solve problems during development, testing, and provide technical support for products.

• Study suitable algorithms and operating mechanisms.

• Write technical documentation for products.

Job Requirements:

• Bachelor’s Degree majored in Computer Science or Engineering who can program.

• Experience with Golang or strong programming background with other languages.

• Show good habits such as documentation and proficiency in file compilation.

• Developing on Linux is preferable, OSX is the next best.

• Master the data structure and algorithm technique, be proficient in network programming, and be familiar with network protocols such as TCP/IP, HTTP, and P2P.

• Think clearly, work well in a team, take the initiative, and seek continuous improvement.

How to apply

Please fill out this form: or contact

Does this job really require Go skills? If not, please report it and we will take a look.