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Golang requirements.

For Intermediate level (1-1.5+ years of experience)

  • Language deep knowledge, ability to operate with existing code. Perfect understanding of concurrency principles, code improvement using design patterns, habit of code profiling and debugging. Go interaction with system environment.
  • Memory synchronization, concurrency patterns.
  • Defining database structure that guarantee data integrity and relations integrity. Define security and structure based optimization. Design complex databases from scratch. Taking into account situations when database denormalizing can bring a value
  • (plus)Proficient knowledge of microarchitectural design patterns is required including 3 major groups of GoF design patterns like creational, structural and behavioral. This capability level also includes proficient knowledge of major microarchitectural patterns that are mostly used like SOA, MVC, Layered Architecture, IoC, etc

For Senior level (3-5+ years of experience)

  • Perfect understanding of language underlying. Ability to produce clear code, using conventions and design patterns. Extending go, integration with other languages. Go memory model, runtime, Garbage collector. Go runtime for Concurrency (Scheduler).
  • Ability to create database objects. Creating complex data transformations, creating stored procedures any complexity. Understanding sessions, locks and transactions.
  • Proficient knowledge of code review techniques and policies is required along with static code analysis tools knowledge.


  • Write simple, clear, readable, covered by tests code
  • Make code review
  • Design concurrent solution
  • Develop a RESTful service with modular architecture
  • RBAC or something similar for authorization solution
  • Containerization via Docker, Docker-Compose for infrastructure
  • Integrate with OAuth, using JWT for authentication / authorization

How to apply

Feel free to contact me - Telegram & Skype: it_tatiana CV of vacancies to submit at -> Thanks! ☺

Does this job really require Go skills? If not, please let us know so that we can keep the jobs all about Go.