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Farringdon, London EC1M, UK

Improbable is developing an operating environment that makes building simulated worlds possible. Worlds which can be run in real time, simulating the behaviours and interactions of millions of entities. Spaces with their own rules and properties that a multitude of people can simultaneously change, explore and visualise in as many different ways as developers can imagine.

Simulated worlds provide unique insight to those asking questions of complex systems. As well as enabling completely new experiences in gaming, simulated worlds can solve significant problems in areas as diverse as defence, energy, city efficiency, health, and finance.

We are heavily funded by Andreessen Horowitz, as well a carefully selected group of experienced entrepreneurs and investors with roots in some of the biggest technology success stories of the last decade. In three years, we have grown to more than eighty-five people and continue to expand aggressively as we prepare for a pivotal, ambitious year ahead that will see us emerge from stealth mode.

Much of the new development work in a couple of our teams is with Go. You will work largely in Go (interacting with JVM environments) on projects such as:

  • integrating new workers with our distributed stack -- e.g. physics, navigation, raycasting
  • developing new algorithms to distribute and scale our simulations
  • developing tooling to understand and reason about large real-time simulations
  • researching new applications of our tech and developing proof of concepts
  • creation of world-class, robust APIs and SDKs for external customers

& Much more.

We aim to build world-class software that we would like to open-source in the future so as to give something back to the community.

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