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Philadelphia, PA, USA - potentially remote

We're working to solve one of the biggest fears in the world. Public speaking! More people are afraid of public speaking than spiders, sharks or even death!

Orai gives instant feedback to hundreds of users every day on their speech and helps them in their journey to become a confident communicator. This involves lots of real-time speech streaming and data interplay between microservices on our backend. All while being performant and reliable. We're looking for an awesome engineer to lead our backend engineering effort and scale a kickass backend to the next level. 

Our stack boasts of Go, Python, Postgres, ELK, Docker, and Kubernetes spanning across AWS and GCP. They all work in harmony to ensure that our users get results every time within 5 seconds of finishing their speech.

We are looking for an experienced full stack engineer to work in a fast-paced startup environment. We need you to keep us test-driven, agile, secure and at cutting-edge all while keeping our tech stable.

Skills required:

- Knowledge of Go, Python, SQL is a must

- Should be proficient in *nix systems

- Follow good git and coding standards

- Write concise and reliable code

- Good at communicating. (We have a distributed team)

- Have work experience in enterprises or have built B2B software before.

- Have bonus projects/skills that you like to show off ;)

- Please don't use a bot to apply for the job!


- Equity in a young startup

- Healthcare

- Unlimited vacation

- Fantastic office space! (We have those motorized desks that go up and down )

- Flexibility to work on side projects

- Gym Membership

How to apply

Send resume to

Does this job really require Go skills? If not, please let us know so that we can keep the jobs all about Go.