London, UK - potentially remote


Network Gaming is a B2B games and data platform which creates viral sports & entertainment games for global media brands and a range of other companies. We have some of the country’s best data talent as investors and directors and need a lead Go developer to facilitate our next phase of growth. 

We have just won a big contract with talkSPORT, part of News Corp, and have closed a £400k fundraising round to ensure we can hire the right talent.


Our ethos sets us apart from the competition:

  • The power of community is central to our success
  • Simple to play games for mass adoption
  • Leverage the biggest moments in sport and entertainment - we’re not always on
  • Target key partners and build bespoke games
  • A true affiliate product - built to convert


Freedom and Responsibility

We embrace a free & entrepreneurial culture but we only hire team players who can manage responsibility that comes with it. 

Skin in the game

We want our staff to have a stake in the business. If the team all has skin in the game, we’re more likely to win. If you are happy to take a slightly lower salary to obtain more shares/options or even invest, that is great but not essential.

The Power of Community

Shared experience is also part of our culture. Its always more fun to do things together and even if we work remotely this is central to making Network Gaming an enjoyable and rewarding place to work

Compassion and Wisdom

In a decentralised business, our people must be knowledgeable and display good judgement. We also look for people who can understand and empathise with others, and selflessly help other team members in need. These two qualities combined are powerful community builders.


From ‘Hide & Seek’ to Monopoly, Minecraft to marbles, e-Fifa to football, we love the game. We are dedicated time to improving at whatever we play, take care to understand the inner workings of each game and strategise how we can win.


Our technology is currently being built by Fincore. At the end of July we are bringing the platform in house and building our dev team. Your goal is to manage the take over of the platform, pay down any technical debt accrued, and begin building a network of games which engage and convert for our partners. This means creating a stable and scalable architecture, to facilitate the games for a growing list of customers. 

You will be supported by a crack team of specialists in their areas (UX, Digital Product Management) as well as a senior backend developer who will mentor you. We will begin hiring for a front-end developer in May, and grow the team from there.

Required Experience

• Developing Go applications & APIs, ideally using the Gorilla toolkit & GORM

• Working with a PostgreSQL database

• Experienced with AngularJS, Vanilla JS, CSS & SCSS

• Creating clean well defined JSON APIs

• Comfortable integrating with and consuming JSON, XML & SOAP APIs

• Hosting production Go applications

Desirable Experience

• Running high availability, auto scaling & self healing applications in production

• Knowledge of AWS

• Experience with Docker


- £70k - £80k, rising as the company grows, based on milestones

- >2% obtainable share option package 

- More share options awarded at planned milestones and time served 

- In the office or semi-remote preferred e.g. 1-2 days in the office (community!). Flexible working possible for the right person (up to 98% remote, minimum is four days a year in London, expenses covered)

- Full benefits package - pension etc. is based in Notting Hill, London.

How to apply

Send a resume and a cover note to

Does this job really require Go skills? If not, please let us know so that we can keep the jobs all about Go.