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Berlin, Germany

Company: QTF

Type: Full time

Description: QTF is building a institutional grade broker-dealer with banking license into the alternative assets market (first crypto currencies, later other asset classes). QTF's technology allows institutional investors to trade crypto currencies professionally at lowest latency and highly through put optimized.

We will soon have to handle 100s of trades per second so everything has to be built scalable and highly through put optimized.

The person we are looking for can handle that and is able to make the right decisions here.

We are looking for a lead engineer / CTO with:

- strong Background in latency optimized systems, experience in HF-Trading is a plus

- Experience in with designing and implementing against APIs, especially FIX, websockets and REST

- Experience in designing and maintaining fault tolreant 24x7 systems with minimal/no downtime.

- Experience with Trading, Data Science or Data Engineering is a plus and will be of good use for further milestones

Highly competitive salary and additional perks around freedom to develop and deploy own trading strategies.

Location: Berlin, Germany. Speaking German is not required.

Remote: No

Visa Sponsorship: Yes

Technologies: Go. The current infrastructure was built in Python and Cython but major parts are revamped into Golang. Target is a highly scalable, low latency and through put optimized product. Stack to be determined.Further tools and data structures in use are: Cassandra, Red-Black Tree, Kubernetes, Docker, CircleCI etc.

Contact: Send an email to

How to apply

Send CV to

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