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The development team at Clumio is looking for highly-motivated engineers to build a cloud-scale SaaS platform using public cloud technologies. The team makes heavy use of AWS cloud services such as Lambda, DynamoDB, EC2, Athena, S3, Secret Manager and others. Clumio’s focus on scalability and performance serves customers’ data protection use cases at true cloud-scale with data ingestion and processing of petabytes of data.

About Data Path Team

The data path team has developed several products and technologies that include the full data pipelines for end to end backup and restore for data sources such as AWS EC2, EBS and VMware VMs, file-system-level indexing and file-level restore. Additionally the team has built platform-level technologies such as garbage collection, workflow orchestration engine, distributed work tracker and support for customer’s own encryption keys. Data pipeline work for EC2, EBS and VMs includes detecting changed data, global deduplication, customer-controlled encryption, compression, efficient data formats for network transfers and cloud persistence and fast streaming restores.

About Backend Team

The backend team has developed products and technologies that include full streaming metadata ingestion pipelines through EventBridge and various messaging technologies for data sources such as AWS and VMware, distributed workflow and concurrency management of policies, compliance, and scheduling for these data sources, and many other platform-level technologies.

The team has additionally worked on backup, restore, and indexing pipelines for data sources such as RDS and SQL, leveraged cloud-services such as EMR to implement innovative solutions for granular record retrieval from cloud-based backups, integrated with data warehouses to help customers gain visibility into cloud costs, simplified customer onboardings through the use of dynamic AWS Cloudformation templates, and spread the use of Clumio through integration with AWS Marketplace and the release of public REST APIs.

Roles and Responsibilities

Design and implement software components from the ground-up on a distributed, cloud-scale SaaS platform in a microservice-based architecture.

Use public cloud technologies to solve hard problems with a security-first mindset to build high throughput, scalable data ingestion and processing pipelines.

Collaborate closely with product management and cross-functional teams such as UX, UI, and QE and Customer Success to deliver and maintain features and projects in a continuous integration and deployment manner.

Analyze and monitor metrics to construct benchmarks and iterate towards optimal performance while keeping focus on cost-efficient usage of cloud resources.

Build and enhance debuggability and supportability of the services to allow Customer Success teams to deliver proactive customer experience.

Work with a like-minded, excellence-driven team of engineers to achieve customer delight.


Highly motivated self-starter with a builder's mindset

Passionate about public cloud technologies (AWS, Azure, GCP, etc …)

3+ years industry experience designing, implementing and supporting large-scale cloud services

Proficiency in one or more programming languages such as Go, Java, C++, etc...

Bachelor's or Master's degree in Engineering or Science. Degree in Computer Science preferred.

How to apply

Please forward your resume to

Does this job really require Go skills? If not, please report it and we will take a look.