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We're looking for a new team member to join us and help us build the new backend infrastructure for our gaming brands and offerings at Everum. We're working on a new internal infrastructure to take control of the critical pieces of the backend platform which has been outsourced up to this point.

You're comfortable with Go language as your daily instrument to build new features and project tooling. At the same time you're interested in how to build and operate distributed systems in a cloud environment, and are keen to explore and apply devops/SRE practices. Monitoring, observability, and similar operational concerns are things you like to tinker with and learn.

Our old application stack was based on Ruby on Rails, and it remains our primary user-facing infrastructure, but the new modules are being built in Go, as they form critical parts of the system from performance and reliability point of view.

You will take ownership of the operational aspects of the new stack, and apply (and deepen) your SRE skills to help us deliver a stable and reliable platform. You will also become the person to help the rest of the team with best practices on how to deploy and operate new services and modules on the new platform.

In return we're offering a fully remote environment with a small and open team, where you can take part in or learn areas of the development you're interested in - infrastructure (Google Cloud Platform, Ansible, Terraform), to backend services (Go, Ruby), to website and frontend dev (Rails, React).

The salary range we're looking at is $2000-$2500 USD per month.

How to apply

Send your resume and any other details you want us to know to

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