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Feature-building on front and back ends of a payment security product. Angular 8, Go, gRPC, PostgreSQL, Kafka, ElasticSearch

Go-centric full stack development role with a slant towards back end.

Hiring the best minds in technology for ecommerce domain

Seeking Developer for growing Ad-Tech company who is well versed in Python, Javascript and Go.

Looking for a solid Back-End Developer that loves Go, Python and Javascript and has a passion for clean and expressive code.

You will engage on all levels of content management - from manually fixing important content to automating it on a global scale.

Golang champion with some Perl/python in Paris/FR. Interfaces, API, and computational programming

Golang is our primary language, and we use it to scale our system and API for some of the world's largest travel players.

Work with senior engineers who value good engineering practices, lean processes and strive for the simplest working solution.

Help make all of our site and services performant, reliable and secure at scale. Optimize for developer experience and freedom.