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Our mission is simple: transform payments technology to enable the global financial community to move money in real-time.

London, UK - fully remote

Elite Backend Engineer for New York Crypto Exchange

As Backend Developer, you'll work on our "Core Components".

Go Developer Opportunity for cutting edge fintech in Berlin where platform is completely written in Go!


Go Developer for a fast growing international fintech business in Berlin where main platform is completely written in Go!


Join a cutting edge Berlin based Fintech business with the entire platform written in Go!


Join a talented group of Go developers at a cutting edge Blockchain startup in London

Cutting edge Berlin based Fintech needing a passionate Go Developer focused on the design & development of our platform.


TL;DR Eave is looking for founding engineers to fix the mortgage industry. Our Promise to You Your potential to help achieve our m

About Fraugster Here at Fraugster we have one main focus - eradicate fraud risks for our customers. We do that by applying state-o