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Dotscience is hiring engineers to help tackle some of the considerable challenges ahead in developing AI for production use.


Senior Software Engineer position at scaling FinTech. AWS, Go, Kubernetes, Terraform, Docker, Elasticsearch, TDD/BDD, CI/CD.

Fully remote

Working in the "edge-computing" space, you'll play a vital part in building a next-gen software platform (in Go of course!)

Soho, London, UK - potentially remote

Kira Systems is growing our Dev Team and Code Base with Go! What's that mean? Read on and find out.

Lead a team of infra nerds that design, build and operate a distributed datacenter!

Kubernetes and cloud-native systems software development, mostly in Go but you should be comfortable with Linux SysAdmin concepts.

Use your golang skills and distributed programming experience in a new and challenging context -- on a distributed filesystem!

Apprenda provides an environment uniquely designed to put you on the brink of early cloud architecture adoption

Build end-to-end automation and virtualization for our infrastructure security


Jexia is hiring Gophers that are ready to work on the next best thing in development and wants to become a kickass Foosball player