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Full time position as back-end developer for a DHS Homeland Advanced Recognition Program contract.

Veganbase Ltd

Main developer for a publishing and marketplace platform for ethical/vegan companies

London, UK - fully remote

We are looking for a Go Software Engineer based London,UK with experience in microservices, kubernetes, and gRPC

Rewrite existing building blocks of our video streaming platform in Go.

Senior-level DevOps engineer with solid Go programming skills to work on microservices related to cloud infra automation.

Brooklyn, NY, USA - potentially remote

Our Golang Development is being brought back in house so there is now a need for 5 to 6 developers of various experince

Openly Inc.

We’re hiring for a software engineer + Go-evangelist role.

Fully remote
Civil Media Company

Civil Media Company is looking for a Software Engineer - Backend to join our team.

Building an insurance platform in Go, along with other tech such as Docker, Kubernetes, Kafka, CockroachDB and AWS/GCP.

London NW9 5AB, UK - potentially remote

Looking for a Senior (Backend) Software Engineer to join our Payments team!