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Go Engineer to join our backend API team in London

London, UK - partially remote

Join AFFISE to work on highload SaaS platform, Tarantool, ClickHouse, Docker and build microservice architecture with us!

Go-centric full stack development role with a slant towards back end.

Go Developer needed in building scalable backend for a 150+ person large international sports data and media provider


Seeking candidates for development & maintenance of our existing web application and contribution to Go microservices architecture

Fulton, MD, USA - fully remote

Building a number of products and services from scratch using Go, Docker, Kubernetes, Kafka and AWS.

We utilize AWS\EC2, Azure, Google Cloud, BigData GUI, WebServices, DB, Cloud Systems.

Go Lang JavaScript OpenShift Kubernetes Agile SCRUM Microservices

Ripping apart a monolith and building brand new microservices and event driven architectures in GO.

Join Nulab! We are looking for a Back-End dev responsible for managing the interchange of data between the server and the users.