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Senior Software Engineer working with innovative 30 strong AdTech StartUp based in the Heart of Central London.

We are building an Adserver that will receive more API requests that Google has searched per minute, focusing on ad redirection.


To strengthen our team, we are looking for a talented back-end engineer to join our team full-time.

You'll head up a small team of software engineers in a company who make a strong contribution to making energy use more efficient!


Platform with over 10m users. Deploying via ChatOps/Slack. Docker on Kubernetes, Prometheus for instrumenting, ScyllaDB, on GCP.

A platform engineer role with a start-up, developing and migrating the platform to Google Kubernetes.

Go-centric full stack development role with a slant towards back end.

zvelo Inc.

The industry leaders in providing the most advanced categorization and malicious detection of web content.

Become a vital part of our Onefootball team by showing your passion for robust and scalable distributed backend services.

Develop high performance microservices for RackTop's data storage and security platform