Fully remote


  • Go is a beautifully simple language, we expect you to know the language specification inside and out.
  • We need developers who solve business problems, that is, able to communicate with business teams and narrow down requirements from the bigger picture.
  • We are looking for developers who can read and write sequence diagrams, activity diagrams, entity models etc.
  • Our dev standup is at 20:30 GMT for 30 minutes, all devs must be available.
  • We need you to contribute to our team structure, git branching model, CI system - The team is small, everyone is building everything.


  • Small effective team
  • Everyone has individual responsibility for delivering features through 'working software'
  • Working Software is the measure of success, and the starting point for iteration
  • Fully remote team across multiple timezones, a number of devs live close to the office in the Pacific Northwest so occasionally collaborate and catch up in person.


  • B2B financial application
  • 'API First' - all features start as .proto files, to be consumed by our customer's systems, then we build our UIs and portals on top.
  • Integration with few legacy vendor systems
  • Stable, fully featured sandbox, providing reliable dev-prod parity for customer developers

Tech Stack:

  • Docker Micro-services on AWS ECS
  • Go
  • gRPC and proto messaging
  • Postgres
  • Somewhat event-driven, using Outbox and Saga patterns
  • 12-factor app
  • Deployment Pipeline: WIP, using Github actions and a tool we built (in go, of course) and Cloudformation.
  • Terraform
  • Future (therefore uncertain):
    •    Elasticsearch
    •    'A document or wide column store'
    •    AWS QLDB

How we Work:

  • Loosely 'Epic' ⇒ 'Story' ⇒ 'Task' (we call them 'Feature' ⇒ 'Project' ⇒ 'Task')
  • All devs participate in problem solving, breakdown, and are responsible for the whole feature
  • Everyone at the company is deeply aware of, and working directly towards, the bigger picture
  • Daily standups, weekly planning
  • Slack, Github,, g-suite (mainly email), Figma, Lucid-charts.

How to apply

Send something telling what you do, are doing, and have done (linkedin, resume...) to

Does this job really require Go skills? If not, please report it and we will take a look.