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Novosibirsk, Novosibirsk Oblast, Russia

Key Responsibilities: 

  • Migrate the platform to a microservice architecture (Go, Kubernetes, Docker)
  • Develop REST API for internal and external services
  • Optimize services at the core of our system 
  • Refactor existing kernel modules
  • Improve system resiliency
  • Automate the deployment of application components
  • Actively interact with the site reliability engineering team
  • Work according to agile and scrum principles.


  • Extensive experience developing web applications in a Linux environment and creating high-load systems
  • Confident knowledge of Linux systems
  • Mastery of the Go programming language
  • At least an intermediate level of English, sufficient for communication with foreign colleagues.
  • Experience with the technologies in our stack: MySQL, ElasticSearch, RabbitMQ, PostgreSQL, Redis
  • Basic knowledge of DNS, TCP / IP protocols.
  • Broad familiarity with modern databases, queues, balancers, logging, and monitoring solutions
  • At least 3 years experience working in a team environment.
  • The ability to decompose and adequately assess tasks as well as manage customer expectations.
  • Knowledge of programming patterns and the ability to apply them.
  • Ability to profile and optimize code.
  • Ability to write test code and perform unit tests.
  • Desire to solve non-standard engineering tasks and make the world around you better and easier

Additional advantages:

  • A diploma from NSU \ NSTU or equivalent 
  • Experience working in an Agile / Scrum.
  • Advanced English.
  • Experience with Docker and Kubernetes.
  • Experience integrating with external API services.
  • Experience with REST API design and development
  • Stars on github and contributions to open source projects.


  • Multilingual international company with Russian, Dutch, Spanish and Indian offices.
  • Informal atmosphere within the team
  • Competitive wage in USD, determined as a result of the interview. 
  • Office in the city center.
  • Flexible schedule and performance assessments
  • Partial support for developers to participate in conferences. 
  • Opportunity to practice English with a native speaker
  • Foosball table.
  • Private kitchen with all the usual appliances: fridge, microwave, waffle iron, mixer, coffee machine, toaster
  • Team lunch on Fridays at the expense of the company
  • Extra monitor monitor
  • We offer relocation support for new employees in the amount of half a monthly salary

Application procedure:

  • All responses go directly to the team leader, so if you have questions, please ask; curiosity is welcome.
  • Telephone introduction with the team leader
  • If there is mutual interest expect an invitation to interview in the office with our key technical specialists.
  • Finally a short interview with the head of the development department

Our public activities:

    Workshop on writing microservices on Go:

How to apply

Send resume and cover letter to

Does this job really require Go skills? If not, please let us know so that we can keep the jobs all about Go.