San Francisco, CA, USA - fully remote

We are looking for multiple engineers to join Remotesome, where we help companies find great engineering remote talent.


  • Strong technical background with software engineering and designing large scale systems.
  • You have extensive experience with languages such as NodeJS, Ruby, or Java and the willingness to learn new technologies (although our main language is Go, there is no hard requirement that you be an expert in Go. We do expect that you are able to pick up Go fairly quickly).
  • You have solid OOP and software design knowledge – you should know how to create software that’s extensible, reusable and meets desired architectural objectives.
  • You prefer simple solutions and designs over complex ones and have a good intuition for what will last and scale. You prioritize building the right thing that provides the most customer value.
  • You work autonomously, are excited by new technologies, and will never back down from the challenges of scale
  • You listen well and internalize the best ideas from all over the organization, while also setting a vision that others are excited to get behind.
  • You work well cross-functionally and your co-workers at all levels and across all teams trust you.

Salary range: $150k-$230k 

How to apply

Apply at and we will take a look at your application.

Does this job really require Go skills? If not, please report it and we will take a look.