🌎 France - fully remote
60000 90000 YEAR EUR
💰 EUR 60K - 90K / year

You will decide how our services will be configured and, following the “automate all the things” mantra, we expect you to automate these decisions so that they are easy to follow by the rest of the engineering team.

If we had to play the buzzword bingo we’d say:

- Microsevices: Ochestration, build pipelines, test pipelines

- Docker and Kubernetes

- Git and GitHub and its APIs

- Solid knowledge of CI/CD technology, e.g. : Argo CD, JenkinsX / Jenkins

- Solid knowledge of a programming language. It would be great if it was Go as it is the chosen language for this team or Rust. 

- Our main programming languages in Stuart now are Ruby, Scala and Python but you should have the willingness to apply whatever language is the best tool. Indeed you will be in close relationships with many different stacks. We consider that a plus 😉

In this team you will become an expert in these technologies and you will be able to provide abstractions so that the rest of the engineering team does not have to.

You can learn more about our team in our engineering blog:

How to apply

You can directly apply here: or send your resume to

Does this job really require Go skills? If not, please report it and we will take a look.