Fully remote

Hello awesome developer! 👋

We are looking for a Senior Go to join our team (preferably in the Netherlands)!

You’ll be working with us to build and improve our next-gen automation engine for enterprise: DTACT Raven. We’re looking for someone who’s not afraid to pick up responsibility and drive features and improvements all the way to production - making the product even greater!

We are currently remote only and working hours are flexible outside our team syncs.

At DTACT we work on the front line of data automation and security development, exploring undiscovered grounds to fulfil our social (and corporate) responsibility. DTACT Raven is our flagship product, which is an end-to-end data pipeline and data streaming platform - built with a modular brick framework to work seamlessly with open source, proprietary and third-party software. The company was founded in the Netherlands in 2017, and a big portion of our team is Dutch, along with colleagues from Denmark, Germany, Singapore and Australia. Our tech stack consists mostly of React, Go, Rust and Python. All resulting in a Cloud Native platform.

We are...

  • passionate about creating a safer world
  • passionate about working with - and contributing to open source
  • currently transitioning from start-up to scale-up
  • continuously searching for the best tech to work with
  • stimulating an open culture, without competition or rivalry
  • driven by the power of shared knowledge and continuous learning
  • automating away the boring stuff.

You are...

  • at least 6+ years experienced in DevOps engineering or an equivalent software-engineering role
  • at least 4+ years experienced in Go programming
  • a clean coder, good at communication and want to continue learning
  • self-reliant and self-motivated
  • creative and innovative, overseeing the bigger architectural picture and drive decisions and implementations
  • taking ownership of your work, able to explain decisions made, execution
  • a team-player who thrives in a high-energy, dynamic and multidisciplinary environment;•strong in both written and spoken English
  • available for at least 36 hours a week
  • interested and excited about security (Windows/Linux)
  • reading a description about yourself right now.

We would like to see...

  • a Go lover
  • a programming polyglot is a nice bonus
  • experienced with cloud solutions such as AWS, Google Cloud or Azure
  • experienced in domains related to enterprise-class software development, CI/CD, DevOps, Infrastructure as Code
  • experience with queuing technology
  • the usual suspects: Docker, Kubernetes, Packer, Consul, Linux, Terraform, Bash, ELK stack, Lambdas...

What we offer...

  • competitive salary that will enable you to perform
  • employee stock ownership plan
  • flexible working hours
  • ability to work remote
  • 25 sunny or snowy holidays
  • a new MacBook
  • cool people and projects

Does this sound like an environment where you would feel at home? Then we look forward to meeting ya!

How to apply

Submit your application and get in touch with us for any potential questions at 🚀

Does this job really require Go skills? If not, please report it and we will take a look.