Вильнюс, Литва - fully remote


Affise is a technology company that focuses on development of high-tech solutions for automating affiliate business. So, we need a Senior Go developer!

Our Mission is to Rock Performance Marketing industry!

We are striving to change the established rules and transform the traditional vision of performance marketing with its somewhat outdated solutions.

By Affise we mean a team of professionals with new perspectives on the industry and a goal to make the life of affiliate marketers much easier. We are staying on the top of modern technologies to be the best in providing our customers with competitive advantages and opportunities to increase their profits.

What technology stack do we use?

  • Go, PHP, ReactJS - each for it's tasks;
  • MongoDB, Clickhouse, ScyllaDB, PostgreSQL, Aerospike, ElasticSearch;
  • Queue: nsq;
  • CI/CD: docker, drone, ansible, nomad;
  • Monitoring: prometheus, grafana;
  • And others: consul, envoy, kafka, ELK, etc.

What skills do you need to have?

  • Fluent speaking level of Russian AND English (we work in diverse team);
  • Experience with Go, PHP and relational databases.
  • Open-minded, flexible and friendly attitude:) 

What will you need to do?

  • Assistance in the design of microservice architecture (including taking into account strategic plans);
  • Development of new services. They can serve both new business features and replace parts of the old monolith. We are engaged in traffic tracking, its analysis and automation of advertising campaigns - that's what we write software for;
  • Helping support in solving various incidents (for example, fixing critical bugs that affect customers and require intervention in the code base).

What do we offer in return for your time?

  • A team of experienced Go and PHP developers, DevOps engineers, QA engineers, as well as Front, BA, Product managers;
  • Attractive salary and a transparent bonus system;
  • The ability to work with cutting-edge technologies such as ClickHouse, Aerospike, gRPC, NSQ, nomad;

Welcome to Affise !

How to apply

Please, contact me via email:

Does this job really require Go skills? If not, please report it and we will take a look.