Berlin, Germany

Remerge is a fast-growing mobile advertising technology startup with offices spanning Berlin, San Francisco, New York, Singapore and Tokyo. Our mission is to help app developers maximize user engagement and in-app revenues by providing the world’s most scalable and efficient app retargeting platform.

To achieve this we need to solve a multitude of technical challenges:

  • handle hundreds of thousands of requests per second governed by the OpenRTB real-time bidding protocol;
  • respond within sub 100ms of latency;
  • process the resulting petabytes of data and make the result accessible to our BI team and our ML stack - in real-time;
  • build intelligent machine learning models on top of our data;
  • keep our globally distributed system in sync and up and running 24/7/365;
  • provide an intuitive interface to our internal teams so they can steer our business;
  • keep our stack lean, maintainable and up to date.


  • You will work on our bidding, data processing and machine learning infrastructure - adding new features like a programmatic integration with Facebook, improving our automated A/B testing or refactoring our video transcoding pipeline will be part of your job.
  • If you like to crunch numbers you will deep dive into our bidding optimization models, improve our forecasting capabilities and create intelligent dashboards to increase the efficiency of our account management team.
  • You are going to work with a variety languages and technologies. At Remerge, you have the chance to learn a lot and also to teach us a lot.
  • Picking up a new framework or a language is very likely going to be required, but not a problem for you as you understand the important concepts of software development and computer science.
  • You will be accountable for what you build - build it, deploy it, fix it, repeat.
  • Working on tasks independently without the constant need of guidance is going to be the norm.

Technologies that we use at remerge: Go, Kafka, Druid, ElasticSearch, Drill, Chef, Gentoo, Ember, Ruby (on Rails), C, Aerospike, ML frameworks like Vowpal Wabbit or TensorFlow and many more.

Our promise

  • We are not concerned with what kind of certificates and diplomas you have acquired so far if you are able to pragmatically solve a problem.
  • Work with senior engineers who value good engineering practices, lean processes and always strive for the simplest working solution.
  • Be part of a fully transparent startup that does not stumble from financing round to financing round to pay your salary - We offer a competitive remuneration package with generous stock option awards.
  • Work in an international team made out of 20 nationalities.
  • Have 100% flexible (home) office hours and a high degree of freedom in how you solve problems.
  • We’ll supply you with the hardware that you need to be productive.
  • Enjoy a quiet work environment.
  • While operating at huge scale, we still maintain a close-knit team culture with team dinners, activities, and offsites to celebrate our successes.
  • We are active in the local community and frequently host technology meetups at our offices.

Does this job really require Go skills? If not, please report it and we will take a look.