🌎 Fully remote
150000 180000 YEAR USD
💰 USD 150K - 180K / year

Prysmatic Labs, is currently building the foundational code behind the future of the Ethereum project, known as Ethereum Proof of Stake Our flagship project, Prysm, is a full implementation of the next generation Ethereum blockchain written in Golang. Prysm is the most popular software used to run proof-of-stake today.

Ethereum Proof-of-State is a multi-year project split into phases. The first phase launched December 1, 2020. At the time of writing, the network secures around $32 billion USD worth of value at the time of writing Prysm runs a large portion of the network today. At Prysmatic Labs, the lines of code you write will be mission critical towards securing a multi-billion dollar network.

We are looking for both full-time, senior and junior Go engineering roles to solve hard problems in a highly-collaborative environment. All details about the roles can be found in Please apply by submitting your resume and background to

The benefits we offer include:

- Insurance (Medical, Life, Vision/Dental) options that are built for both individuals and families, including almost full company contributions

- A fully-remote working experience, with paid travel with the team to key, important conferences for Ethereum such as Devcon (previously hosted in Osaka, Prague, and other cities)

- Flexible PTO policy with at least 2.5 weeks mandatory PTO in the winter holidays and unlimited PTO on a reasonable basis

- Autonomy and ownership of important features that will go live and secure billions of dollars in the Ethereum network

How to apply

Send resume and any other relevant background to

Does this job really require Go skills? If not, please report it and we will take a look.