Berlin, Germany


We're a Berlin-based tech company developing a platform to deliver data-driven frontends to enterprises, in order to improve their workflows and processes. More information about the company itself can be found on our career page.

One of our key projects is building an easily deployable data science environment in Go, which we will open-source in the course of this year.    

STACK: Golang, Docker, Kubernetes (and Fission), Git   


One of our current features is the ability to query data through Jupyter notebooks. However, notebooks can be a hassle to deploy and we believe that data science could be much more powerful if there was a tool enabling data scientist to easily deploy their code.

Our ambition is to create a tool that gives data scientists a flexible, consistent, and simple environment based on Docker containers, where their code can be written in a large variety of languages (Python, R, Go, Scala). This tool then turns their code into stateless functions, that can be easily deployed into powerful data pipelines.  


We value people who have worked on building complex applications, especially if they are open sourced.
We especially look for:

Back-end Golang engineers with an interest in deployment. We highly appreciate experience in:

  • Containerisation (Kubernetes, Docker)
  • Networking (http, http2)
  • Micro-services

Golang engineers with an interest in data science. If you are interested in using the tool you built, you could wear a double hat of data scientist and golang engineer. We highly appreciate experience in:

  • Containerisation (Kubernetes, Docker)
  • Data science
  • Golang engineering . 


How to apply

You can apply through this link:

Does this job really require Go skills? If not, please report it and we will take a look.