Posted Jun 27, 2017
Edinburgh, UK

Salary: £45 - £55k

Dates: Full-time Monday to Friday (7 hours between 8am and 6pm with core hours 10am to 4pm). Some degree of flexibility around working hours may be required during busier times.

Main Duties and Responsibilities

You will be a core member of the server side engineering team, which is responsible for the software lifecycle of all consumable APIs Make it Social uses in-house, and provides externally. Your experience in this domain and team-playing ability will contribute to an increase in the efficiency, quality, and output of the server side engineering team.

You will have:

  • An expert level understanding of programming paradigms and design patterns
  • 3 years + experience writing highly concurrent systems in idiomatic GoLang
  • 5 years+ experience in developing highly available, long-lived software systems, interacted with by at least 100 concurrent users, with obligated response times

Essential Technical Skills

  • 3+ years GoLang experience
  • Proficient in at least 1 language in each of these domains - functional, imperative, scripting, declarative, procedural / CLI.
  • 2+ years experience designing and implementing APIs
  • Experience implementing SOAP and REST APIs
  • 5+ years experience working withing/leading a team
  • Resource utilization modeling skills
  • Strong ability to debug by thinking
  • Exceptional dedication to testing

Desirable Technical / Soft Skills

  • Experience with Amazon Web Services
  • Comfortable working within multiple platforms
  • MySql / MongoDB experience
  • Experience developing systems making use of internationalisation, including RTL character sets
  • Algorithm analysis skills

Character & Personality

  • Ablity to work within a stressful environment
  • Strong communication skills
  • Desire to see others develop
  • Calm and well-intentioned motivations
  • Understanding of others
  • Mature and positive attitude

How to apply

To apply please e-mail a current CV with at least 1 reference and a covering letter to the Chief Operating Officer, Adam Alton, at Please note that due to PCI-DSS requirements, background checks (including criminal record check) will be required prior to final employment and any applicant will be informed if such a check is to take place.

Does this job really require Go skills? If not, please let us know so that we can keep the jobs all about Go.