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San Francisco, CA, USA

No Recruiters - Principals Only

We're looking to hire an on-site full-time (no-remote) engineer at our office on Townsend (in San Francisco) to help us build out the next generation of cloud infrastructure.

If you have experience at the systems level (assembly, c, device drivers, etc.) that's a huge plus although this particularly job will primarily be working with a bunch of Go codebases.

You'll have a lot of freedom but at the same time a lot of responsibility and will be reporting directly to the CEO for the forseeable future (who is an engineer). The org structure is fairly flat atm and we aim to try and keep it that way (at least on Engineering side) for as long as we can.

If the term meritocracy offends you - do not apply.

I don't care if you went to college or dropped out of high school - I don't care.

I don't want your resume - I want to see your code. I want to know where you're at now and why you want to work on this stuff. If you're currently jobless and you're not doing something interesting with your time off it's going to be very hard to schedule a phone screen.

We're only looking for self-driven individuals. If you need to be told what to work on - don't apply. If you're looking to spend more time on slack than in the shell - don't apply.

We have a fairly decent size and diverse codebase and as of right now don't have much open source. We're not anti-open source or anything - we just haven't found a ton that we wish to release.

Culture wise we don't pair program. Most engineers are vi(m)/tmux zealots that run Arch. A lot of us hate docker and the container ecosystem - so if you're really into Docker/Kubernetes - not going to be a great fit.

We don't waste time with pointless meetings and standups that have no substance.

We run classical computer science driven interviews - so if you don't like talking about algorithms and data structures - don't apply.

If your idea of writing software involves scouring github for 20 thousand dependencies/frameworks to download you're probably not a great fit. We have strong NiH tendencies towards most software and will end up writing things on our own faster than trying to figure out how to adopt/stand up something else.

This is going to be a dream job for the right engineer. The opportunity to learn is huge. For many other people they will hate it. This is by design.

We're VC funded. We have paying customers. We are willing to go as low as we need to with the codes to push our vision of the future and there is so much I can't tell you about until we chat.

We are customer driven yet engineering led. If you got that point and you agree with that then it might be a great fit for you.

Lastly, realize we are a small company at the seed stage. If you are looking for stability, corporate overlords, or things like that - we are not a good option. We can pay you well but it's the wild west for us currently so if you're not comfortable with that - not a good fit.

It's still very early days....


  • You must know how to code in Go.
  • You must have linux skills - like devops/sysadmin level.
  • Hopefully you can code in c/asm but not a requirement for this role.
  • You are comfortable doing traditional algorithmic/data structure style interviews.
  • You are comfortable being on-site the majority of the time.

How to apply

send email to engineering @

Does this job really require Go skills? If not, please let us know so that we can keep the jobs all about Go.