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We have just started developing an open source tool (currently codenamed "Bubbly") to help aggregate and query data that is produced as part of software development. The focus initially is on aggregating data produced during Continuous Integration (such as different test results) which are related to different data sources (such as source code, Docker images, 3rd party libraries, etc).

We will use a declarative syntax to tell Bubbly the different data sources and how to aggregate them into a common, queryable database that will provide connectors with dashboards like Grafana. In essence, Bubbly will provide a way for software engineers to define their data in declarative syntax and Bubbly will do all the heavy lifting.

We are looking for an experienced software professional who understands the domain and has faced the challenge of trying to make sense of software development data (e.g. static analysis results, automated test results, security scans, unit testing, and so on) to help drive and lead the development of Bubbly and take it into use with our customers.

The application will be written in Golang.

You should be familiar with DevOps-style practices (such as CI, Infra as Code, Test Automation) and should have strong foundational knowledge in things like Linux, VMs, Containers, Orchestrators and Networking. It will be expected that you understand industry trends and tooling, and will be able to conduct research in order to drive the direction of Bubbly. There will be plentiful research needed :)

You will also get the opportunity to work alongside our consultants delivering expert services around all things Continuous, Cloud and Devops.

We believe in supporting open source values and looking for like minded people to join our team.

If this sounds interesting please get in touch and we can provide more information on Verifa, Bubbly and this truly unique position!

How to apply

Contact us at

Does this job really require Go skills? If not, please report it and we will take a look.