Toronto, ON, Canada

We are a team of passionate, perfection-seeking, developers building a platform that allows teams to discover, curate and share content in a destination we call a Hub. It's a bit like Tumblr/Pinterest for businesses. We value continuous delivery, ownership, precise thinking, and positive vibes with everyone.

Our stack consists of many Go web/network services powering Javascript SPAs for both our dashboard and end-user hubs. Our backend team is very small, and handles 60 million requests / day with a small set of servers.

We are looking for a senior software developer who loves building scalable backend infrastructure. You should know REST as second nature, you should understand HTTP at a pretty low-level, it would be cool if you have experience building distributed systems, you should know what a reverse proxy cache is, you should value writing tests, you really want to (or are) using Docker to containerize your stack, you value performance and microservices over monolithic applications.

Very simply: the role is for a senior backend engineer who will be writing Go all day long. If you've never written any Go before, that is OK! we will teach you / help you teach yourself, but you should have at least some experience with one of Ruby, Python, Java, Erlang, Node or Scala for building backend systems.

We have a big vision in a growing space, with a unique angle to slice through it all. If the role resonates with you, I'd love to share our thinking and how we're going to execute our way to the top. 


Pressly helps brands harness the world’s content to engage audiences everywhere through destinations featuring content they create and curate.

How to apply

Please send resume/CV to: peter at pressly dot com

Does this job really require Go skills? If not, please let us know so that we can keep the jobs all about Go.