Fully remote

We at Gitpod build tools that require a view across the stack. If you don't think the frontend/backend is not my department, this might be for you.

We are a highly motivated team, organized in a flat hierarchy, and led by technical founders. We love open-source, have started and lead many popular open-source projects, and contribute to many others. In this fashion, we present at international conferences and collaborate openly around the globe.

As part of the team you will ...

  • Directly impact users. Gitpod has little fat to trim and changes directly affect users. We always have our users in mind and focus on making Gitpod work for them, not some abstract potential future requirement.
  • Be a "jack of all trades, master of some". As a small team we favour generalists. You might work on React code, dive deeply into Kubernetes or read the Linux sources. There is loads of room to find your passion and see everything that makes the platform tick.
  • Co-own the product and work self-directed. We work with a very flat hierarchy, organizing our tasks in iterations with a lot of freedom.
  • Solve hard technical problems. Be it on the backend where we live on right on the edge of what Kubernetes, containers and Linux can do; or on the frontend where we deeply care about performance and quality across browsers and platforms. Gitpod is not your typical Kubernetes web app and provides very unique problems you`d be unlikely to come across elsewhere.

You will be a great fit if ...

  • You enjoy working across the front- and backend. We hardly ever have a task that is clear cut along fontend/backend lines. If React is your thing, should should feel comfortable enough to have a look at the server. If Kubernetes is your thing, you should still feel comfortable enough to make that change on the dashboard. You do not think "not my department", but welcome the opportunity to venture out of your comfort zone.
  • You enjoy building distributed systems. That means understanding their idiosyncrasies, and wallowing in the fact that anyone elses computer can break yours. You don`t blindly follow trends, but have a keen eye for stable and pragmatic solutions. You have developed and interacted with distributed systems in the real world, have seen them fail and fixed them.
  • You have experience shipping code in production. Your code is ready for prime time, and you don`t expect others to test it thoroughly for you. You understand the difference between "making something work" and "making something work reliably". You have read other people`s code, know how to make yourself at home and understand that code is read way more often than it`s written. You understand that every new dependency comes at a cost, as do lines of code.
  • You are product minded. You enjoy using what you`ve helped build, and still pay attention to things that feel off. You can empathize with other users and understand how they might see things differently, or that messaging that`s completely clear to you might be unintelligible to others. You are eager to understand why things are not working for others and quickly act when unexpected things happen.
  • You are a good communicator. We work remote, our users are remote too. You value writing and express yourself concisely. You may hold strong opinions, but you are not ideological. You communicate thoughtfully, always assume others speak in good faith, aim to understand opposing perspectives and compromise when needed.

Our stack:

Gitpod is a distributed application running on Kubernetes. Services are written in Go and TypeScript (Node.JS), while all things frontend are React and TypeScript. We communicate using gRPC, RabbitMQ and JSON-RPC. We develop Gitpod in Gitpod, build using leeway and werft and automatically deploy preview environments for every branch. We organise our work using modern tools only. GitHub for issue tracking and source control, Slack for comms, Figma for design, Notion as knowledge base and Loom for screencasts.

We celebrate diversity and strive for an equal, inclusive, empathetic and welcoming environment. Bringing diversity to the team is a big plus. If you are part of a marginalised community, and are not sure if you should apply, please get in touch.

How to apply

Please send your resume to

Does this job really require Go skills? If not, please report it and we will take a look.