Fully remote

 InfluxDB is one of the most popular and fastest growing open source databases, and is the premier Time Series database available today. InfluxDB is deployed on hundreds of thousands of machines, and is used by teams worldwide to monitor infrastructure, IoT, and a myriad of applications. The majority of our users are developers and system integrators working with our open source software. We also offer enterprise and cloud SaaS products, all exposing a single unified API that reduces the infrastructure and time needed to become productive with InfluxDB.

In order to help us improve and expand on our core products, we're looking for a Senior Software Engineer with background in the development of database systems or similar services. You will join the InfluxDB Edge team and take an active role in the ongoing development and maintenance of the InfluxDB 1.x and 2.x product lines (including Open Source and Enterprise) and Kapacitor processing engine. You will share your experience and skills with the team and learn from them in return, and will work closely with other teams to help refine best practices and deliver on shared product goals. Likewise, you will work to keep pace with our OSS community and help find ways to let our OSS developers see results from their contributions.

We’re a globally distributed, friendly, and cooperative team who thrive on interaction and collaboration. We meet once a day as a team for a quick catch up (a sort of verbal scrum), as well as have regular pairing sessions over video conferences throughout the week. We also meet with the entire company every day to learn about what’s going on across the business and share news about upcoming events and activities.

What you’ll be doing

  •     Full project ownership for critical parts of the core products; design and specification, implementation, communication, test plans and delivery.
  •     Develop and maintain the Open Source and Enterprise versions of InfluxDB and Kapacitor.
  •     Liaise with colleagues in engineering, product managers, and the InfluxDB community to help prioritise features and define the product roadmap.
  •     Uphold engineering best practices applied across projects and teams.
  •     Mentor and level up fellow teammates with pairing and code reviews.

What you bring to the table

  •   5+ years of professional engineering experience building and shipping production software, with on-prem delivery models preferable.
  •     Self motivation and a drive to get to “done”. Working independently but closely integrated with the rest of the team, you will deliver and expect high quality results.
  •     Demonstrated proficiency in an established programming language (e.g. Java, Python, Javascript, C/C++, Go, Rust).
  •     Willingness and enthusiasm for learning and working in Go.
  •     Working knowledge of Git (and GitHub) and related workflows.
  •     Excellent verbal and written English communication skills.

Bonus Points

  •     Experience designing, extending, and maintaining well-tested Go.
  •     Experience in continuous integration and delivery.
  •     Experience working with distributed development teams.
  •     Experience working with open source projects and related communities.
  •     Experience building OLAP or non-relational databases (examples: InfluxDB, MongoDB, Redis, Etcd).
  •     Exposure to agile software development methodologies (Scrum, Kanban, etc).

Does this job really require Go skills? If not, please report it and we will take a look.